Ma Cherie, I Miss You: 5 Ways to Enjoy Cherries Year-Round

Do you love cherries? I love cherries, too, but fresh cherries are mainly available in the summer. In the fall, I miss their ruby tone, crunchy texture, bursting flavor, and candy-like sweetness.

The good news is there are several ways to enjoy cherries – whether they’re in season or not. Here are at least 5 ways to enjoy them year-round.   

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1. Fresh Cherries

Fresh cherries make a healthy, easy side dish, dessert, or snack.

They’re a good source of fiber and vitamin C and contain natural plant chemicals that may benefit health by working against oxidation and inflammation and aiding sleep.

Just portion 1 cup into a bowl, give them a good wash, and pop them in your mouth! If you’re shy about spitting out cherry pits, remove them in advance with a cherry pitter!

C’est dommage – fresh cherries ripen mostly during summer months. However, there are many other ways to enjoy cherries.

2. Cherry Smoothie

Frozen cherries are available all year and are perfect for making smoothies for breakfast or a snack.

My favorite smoothie brings summer and fall flavors together by combining frozen cherries with pomegranate juice.

I make it by blending in a blender until smooth:

3. Cherry Oatmeal Topping or Trail Mix

Dried cherries are also available throughout the year and are excellent for making a cozy oatmeal or an energy-packed trail mix.

For cherry oatmeal topping, I top cooked oatmeal with:

For cherry trail mix, I mix:

4. Cherry Cottage Cheese or Yogurt

Canned cherries are available 365 days a year. Although often used for baking pastries, they can be used to liven up plain high-protein foods. For example, one could pair:

5. Cherry Water and Cherry Juice

Cherry juice is also readily available. It can be served as a couple splashes added to plain water for flavoring or served over-the-rocks. One could drink:

More Suggestions

Perhaps you have a friend or family member or an acquaintance, who’s a cherry fanatic, too. If so, consider these items for a personalized cherry gift or gift basket:

If you have a group of friends, family members, or acquaintances, who are fans of cherries, consider these bulk items for goodie bags:

Do you have any more ideas? Whichever way you choose to enjoy cherries, bon appetit! Until next summer!