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Disclosures and Disclaimers

I blog about personal experiences with the hope that others may gain insight or inspiration. Topics include arts, crafts, cooking, and cleaning – which are known to involve risks – and minimizing waste, recalling travel experiences, and supporting general/public health recommendations. I may make suggestions, indicate sources where information was and can be found, and/or include links to song lists from Spotify or affiliate links to products I use or reviewed in posts. I enable buttons for sharing on social sites (i.e., Facebook and Pinterest) and will likely enable ads soon.

I do not offer any professional advice or guarantee any results, and am not liable or responsible for any damages ensued by visitors, who choose to use information on my site or any third party sites. Damages may include but are not limited to loss due to accident or undesirable/unexpected outcomes, injury, or illness.

As an associate of an affiliate marketing program, I would earn from qualified purchases. When a visitor clicks on italicized, underlined text in one of my posts, they will be taken to a separate page about a product. If the visitor chooses to purchase the product, I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to them. Before clicking on a link, visitors may view the URL or website address they will be taken to in the bottom-left corner of the screen by hovering a cursor over it. Attributed information, music, and art sources are not associated with me or this site.

Terms and Conditions

At scout2020.blog, images and writing are the property of Scout. Pinning and sharing, using social buttons are appreciated as long as done in a positive light. Copying or stealing content is prohibited. Profanity and spamming are prohibited and blocked, using Akismet plug-in software.

Scout reserves the right to prevent misusers from further accessing, and to change content on, scout2020.blog at any time. Content changes include but are not limited to adding, editing, or revising writing, images, links, and information sources on posts and pages.

Cookies & Privacy

Scout welcomes visitors to subscribe to scout2020.blog at the right side of the blog page or at the bottom of each post, contact Scout, and comment on posts. Names and website addresses are collected as well as email addresses in the comment form. Scout will not share or use this information for email marketing. Security cookies are used to identify and block potential threats. Visitors may consent to having information saved on this site to avoid having to re-enter it on return visits. This is done by clicking on the boxes provided when prompted. Subscribers may manage their subscription by using the links provided at the bottom of new post emails.

Scout does not intend to collect information from children. If found to have been collected accidentally, it will be deleted. Alternatively, parents or guardians of persons under 13 years of age, may subscribe to scout2020.blog, contact Scout, and comment on posts.

In addition to optimizing security and user experience, cookies are collected to analyze performance, such as countries visitors of scout2020.blog are from. Scout appreciates having visitors from various parts of the world and does not profile or target specific groups. Site content is based on ideas, methods, and products thought to be fun, helpful or useful, and worthy of sharing, creative expression, and current events.

Visitors may view more detailed information on cookies and privacy by clicking on the Auttomatic “Cookie Policy” link on the banner displayed at the bottom of the screen and the “Privacy Policy” link within the “Cookie Policy”. They may look into the various options for controlling cookies and opting out, or may consent to the use of cookies by clicking on the “Accept and close” button on the banner. If needed, visitors may view these policies again by going to the history of their web browser, such as Google Chrome, clearing the data, and revisiting scout2020.blog. Visitors may view cookies and other site data before clearing by clicking on cancel, cookies and other site data, and see all cookies and site data.

Questions, Comments, or Requests

For any questions, comments, concerns, or requests, please contact Scout at innovatenshare@gmail.com.

Notes: This page was originally entitled, “Resources,” and was last updated on October 27, 2020.